(Opening TBD) to August 26, 2023

Body Language: Reawakening Cultural Tattooing of the Northwest

with artists Corey Bulpitt, Dean Hunt, Dion Kaszas, Nahaan & Nakkita Trimble

Exhibit Delay

Please note the arrival of the Body Language exhibition has been delayed due to shipping. The exhibition will not be open on May 13 as previously announced; new opening date to be determined.

Body Language is the first exhibition to fully explore the rich history and artistry of Indigenous tattooing, piercing and personal adornment on the Northwest Coast.

Since ancient times, both men and women on the coast marked their clan crests and symbols of personal identity onto their skin. Tattoos were a celebration and recognition of special life events, potlatches and social rank. Lip, nose and ear piercing was also linked to rank and status.

After 1885, when the practices of tattooing and potlatches were banned, the display of personal crest designs was transferred to clothing and jewelry.

The contemporary artists included in the exhibition are at the forefront of the revival of Indigenous tattooing in BC. They are reclaiming traditional techniques and traditional rights to be tattooed, and building awareness of the significance and protocols around the tattooing traditions.

Today, tattoos tell personal stories, create identity and a feeling of belonging. They can be intended to decorate, heal and protect, and are so much more than a trend. Each artist will examine the history, symbolism, oral traditions, songs and artistry of indigenous tattooing within their region.

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Body Language is organized by the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art.

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