May 7th, 2022 – August 20th, 2022

In Adoration of the Precarious Bee

This new ceramic sculpture by Dawn Detarando explores the beauty and perils of bees foraging in altered landscapes.
Each piece tells a story about a future of imagined genetically enhanced super flowers and crops that keep small foragers working hard to sustain their broods.

The work illustrates the challenging environments most pollinators and particularly bees, have had with both chemicals used on commercial crops and cultivated backyard gardens, as well the unexpected weather changes that amplify or deny their will to do so.

Dawn hand builds each piece, then carves the details of her narratives and finishes the surface with an underglaze painting.

Dawn Detarando “Sacred Bee” 2020, Hand-built porcelain, underglaze/ glaze, cone 6, gold lustre, 8” x 9” x 3

Detarando; Detail “The Dragonfly Knows”, 2021, white clay, 04 glaze, lustre

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