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Judy Sutter: OUR West Country

If you’re in the mood for some breathtaking landscapes, be sure to check out OUR West Country: Plein Air Painting in Alberta’s Eastern Slopes here at the MAG. The artists featured in this exhibition all have their own unique style, and they each approach plein air landscape painting in their own way. Today we are excited to highlight one of these artists, Judy Sutter.

Judy Sutter painting outdoors

Judy is one of five central Alberta artists who painted and sketched onsite in the open air in Alberta’s West Country in the summer of 2021. She painted directly from life, capturing all the transient light and color of the scene before her. Judy has really captured the natural beauty of the world around us in this province.

“Alberta really is an incredible but harsh place of many contrasts. Our landscape varies from pancake flat lands in the south known for its windy days to lofty, permanently snowcapped western peaks and just about everything in between. For an artist seeking to paint a variety of landscape, Alberta offers many different choices.

I’ve painted several genres but when painting a landscape, I try to communicate a mood and/or a sense of light, with the goal of putting the viewer in my shoes, experiencing the same location, or perhaps stirring some distant recollection. Failure or success, each painting endeavor is in some form, a lesson, a necessary step to meet the next challenge in the following painting. It seems that there is always a carrot on the end of a stick so to speak!”

– Judy Sutter

The Province of Alberta is blessed with many natural wonders and the artists whose works are on display really show their love and passion for Alberta’s landscapes. We invite you to visit the exhibition, which is on display until March 12, 2022 at the Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery (MAG), and check out the work of all 5 artists. They really capture the landscape that Albertans hold dear.

Judy Sutter pictured with her work at the OUR West Country exhibit opening

Judy Sutter, detail of Canyon Reflections, 2021. Oil on canvas. Loan Courtesy of the Artist

Judy Sutter, detail of Spring in the Crowsnest, 2021. Oil on canvas. Loan Courtesy of the Artist

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