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Kate More: OUR West Country

Nature has always been a source of inspiration to artists.

All throughout history, they have created beautiful paintings about both distant and nearby landscapes. It is a wonderous experience to watch the flow of a mountain river or stream, over the smooth rocks, surrounded by tall mountains and trees. The movement of nature can leave you feeling energized or rejuvenated.

Our next feature artist, Kate More, tries to capture these natural places and their beauty before they may befall both natural, but more specifically man-made, pressures. Her work embodies the feelings evoked by the wilderness, with the creative use of purples and blues where one might usually see browns and greens, colours that nature offers through her creative lense. Today we are excited to feature Kate, who is one of the 5 artists on display in OUR West Country exhibit, and whose approach to painting evokes the vivacious look and feel of the west country landscape in Alberta, a landscape that Albertans understand are more than the resources they hold.

Kate More, James River (Would Ya Just LOOK at Those Rocks!), 2021. Oil on canvas. Loan courtesy of the Artist

“OUR west country has always been special to me. I love that I live so close to the mountain wilderness. Growing up in Alberta, I was always so proud of our clean water and air and our clear blue skies. I thought it would always be that way. Silly me. I thought everyone understood and appreciated the gifts and beauty of Mother Nature. Again, silly me. I like my mountains pointy, my forests intact and my waters unthreatened by selenium from coal mines and shrinking glaciers. But that’s just me.

So I celebrate our west country in the best way I know how: by going out and painting in it. I have to thank my brother Dave and Larry Reese for reminding me how much fun it is, and my son Robin for joining us as an excellent guide and fellow painter.

I would also like to pay tribute to our dear friend and extraordinary artist Art Whitehead, who surely would have been part of this group. Art’s wife Maxine very kindly gifted me with some of Art’s paints and blank canvasses, which I have used for this show, so I guess he is part of this exhibition after all.”

– Kate More

Kate More painting outdoors

Kate More is a great example of an artist who has been influenced by the wilderness. Her paintings of natural landscapes have a certain quality that makes them so special.

The exhibit OUR West Country shows people the beauty of the natural world through their art and inspires others to explore and enjoy nature. We invite you to visit the exhibition, which is on display until March 12, 2022 at the Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery (MAG), and check out the work of all 5 artists. They each capture the landscape of western Alberta in unique ways.

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