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Powwow! Ohcîwin The Origins

Ooo-chi-win, Cree
1. “The Origin” or telling of a story of where something originated

Powwows are Indigenous cultural celebrations where many forms of dance styles are performed as part of the ceremony. These social gatherings, held across North America, bring people together to sing, dance and share teachings all while celebrating Indigenous culture. Each dance style has a meaning or origin story and a specific purpose. Regalia, the distinctive clothing and ornamentation worn by the dancers, corresponds to the different dance styles.

Powwow! OchÎwin the Origins was created by Patrick and Marrisa Mitsuing. Working with a diverse team of Indigenous Artists they assembled each of the individual dance regalia on display. During the 2019 and 2020 Powwow season, they met with knowledge keepers across North America to record the origin stories of the dances they perform.

The dances are: Men’s Traditional, Men’s Fancy, Men’s Chicken, Men’s Grass, Women’s Traditional, Women’s Fancy and Women’s Jingle.

“You have to give all of yourself as you walk into the arena. Always go in with good thoughts. Praise everyone else.”

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The MAG is grateful to the Alberta Museums Association for the development of the exhibit Powwow! Ochîwin the Origins that is now travelling.

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