Sockman Nope, Riceman Nope, Snowman!

Today’s principles: form & texture

It’s a snowman day! Well, snowmen sculptures, that is. Come make your very own sock snowman.

Weave a Tree, Then Decorate It

Today’s principles: shape & texture

We are weaving evergreen trees today. Once you have a tree you get to decorate it however you want: we will have snow, sparkles, snowflakes and decorations!

Not So Itsy Bitsy Spider

We are loving our spiders today, but don’t worry: these are the fuzzy friendly sort of spiders.

Framed Clay Initial

Your favourite letter? Your Initial of course! You’ll make it with clay and display it on a patterned frame perfect for hanging.

Deconstructed Fish Mobile

Let’s make a mobile with all the fish body parts: head, ribs and tail. It’ll make dangly fun!

Fingerprint Poppy Fields

We will be thinking about Remembrance Day today and what that might mean to us. For your project you are making fields of fingerprint poppies.

Islamic Stained Glass

We are celebrating the MAG’s 50th anniversary with a repeat lesson of the very first miniMAG project in 2015! It celebrated Eid Al-Fitr with the creation of a faux stained glass star. Today you will be making a Islamic Faux-stained Glass Window.

Skeleton Cats

It’s almost the Day of the Dead. You’ll be making skeleton cats to celebrate.

Stunning Sunflowers

Sunflowers aren’t just for the birds. You’ll make a stunning sunflower from coffee filters with a beaded centre.

Chat Noir

Today we are painting beautiful black cats! So many famous artists have used black cats as their subjects and now you can make your own.

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