We’ll be using acrylic paints on black canvas to explore tints and shades, and paint a bright abstract image made up of swirls of colour.

Today’s drawing will give participants the chance to make a beautiful light-on-dark piece of art featuring illustrative plants.

This fun project will consist of creating collage-style scrapbook paper backgrounds, then using air to push the ink around to make trees.

We’re going to take inspiration from the many ocean lifeforms for this marker project. We’ll be exploring lots of colours & patterns to create these vibrant drawings.

This project will start with a small photo on a page – then, it’s up to you to use your imagination to fill in the rest!

These windchimes will give participants a lot of creative freedom, hands-on fun, and a lovely outdoor creation to take home.

Are you ready to get cutting and gluing? Today we’ll be making some adorable beetles using collage techniques & metallic markers.

Today’s project will involve combining realistic illustration with rhythmic mandala drawing to create an elaborate and beautiful piece of art featuring a Glover’s Silkmoth – a cute little insect friend which can be found right here in Alberta!

Using cutouts of images from our exhibits, we will take a multi-media approach to remix these image snippets into imaginative, textured compositions.

Join us today to learn about pointillist painting techniques, and create a dreamy night scene of some toadstools.

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