There is no MAGsparks class this week. Program resumes on January 9, 2023.

Starry Winter Sky

For this painting, we will be working with leaving some white of the paper for detail and salt with watercolour.

To Catch A Snowflake

Who doesn’t love to try and catch a snowflake in winter? Today we will be using oil pastel to draw a picture of ourselves catching snowflakes!

Winter Night Landscape

Today we will be using both chalk and oil pastel on black paper to create this winter scene!

City in 3D

We will be painting 2D buildings on 3D forms!

Negative Space Art

Today’s project will be all about negative space!

Tinted Lines

What is a tint? And how can we use a tint to create depth in a drawing?

Rolled Squares

Lets roll some coloured paper and create abstract geometric art!

Resist Spider Webs

Watercolour, oil pastels, and spiders! This is what we will be creating today.

Seahorse in Pieces

Lets colour a seahorse, cut it apart, and then put it back together again!

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