We will be creating colourful parrots surrounded by monotone circles and lines.


Using tones of one colour and maybe some black, we will create an abstract image using an octopus tentacle!


Many, many, small dots will be used to create our artwork today!


Using colourful paper, glue, and a small box, we will be creating a 3-D piece of art that looks like waves of water.


We can use geometric shapes to create a drawing of a turtle! After, we will paint our turtle using all the colours of the rainbow with watercolour pencil crayons.


There is no MAGsparks class today due to the Victoria Day Holiday.

We will work with the wet-on-wet watercolour painting technique to create a MAGnificent beach scene!


We will once again use geometric shapes to help us create a card to give to someone or keep. This card will be more 3D than flat!


Using textured paper, we will be creating a larger than life sized 3-dimensional imagined bug!



Honeycombs create a beautiful pattern made with geometric shapes. We are going to use the repetitive pattern and watercolour pencil crayons to create a painting today!