Block Bots

Today’s principles: colour & form

I AM A ROBOT ! Use wood, screws, and washers to make your very own robot minion.

NOTE: as of March 2023, miniMAG runs Monday mornings instead of Wednesdays.

Forking Scary Monsters

Today’s principles: colour & texture

A gaggle of dust bunnies will be painted with a fork, what FUN! But we must not forget the googly eyes.

NOTE: as of March 2023, miniMAG runs Monday mornings instead of Wednesdays.

Schools of Fish Swimming in the Deep Blue Sea

Today’s principles: shape & colour

Deep down in the ocean are schools of brightly coloured fish. Let’s paint the ocean and cut out a whole school of fish from collage papers. We may even use our fingers!

NOTE: as of March 2023, miniMAG will be running on Monday mornings instead of Wednesdays.

Crinkled Sculptures

Today’s principles: form & colour

Yipee! Today we will be using paint and tubes to make really fun twisted and crinkled sculptures.

Scritchy, Scratchy, Sandpaper Houses

Today’s principles: shape & texture

Did you know you can colour on sandpaper?! Let’s make a house out of sand paper, colours and craft sticks.

Mail A Hug For Someone You Love

Today’s principles: shape & proportion

Everyone needs a hug. You’ll make a giant hug that you can send or give to your favourite person.

Textured Monsters

Today’s principles: texture & shape

Start with making your own textured papers using texture plates and then cut and create a scary/nice monster!

Stir it up, Stew it up, Serve it up, Alphabet Soup

Today’s principles: line & balance

Let’s paint a steaming bowl of alphabet soup while practicing your letters; all sizes and shapes.

A Waddle of 3D Penguins

Today’s principles: form & colour

A waddle of penguins created from cardboard. So cute! You’ll love learning about birds that can stand up tall on their own.

Paper Family Quilt

Today’s principles: emphasis & balance

Starting with your family square, draw and paint memories around the outside of your own Family Quilt.

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