Skeleton Cats

It’s almost the Day of the Dead. You’ll be making skeleton cats to celebrate.

Stunning Sunflowers

Sunflowers aren’t just for the birds. You’ll make a stunning sunflower from coffee filters with a beaded centre.

Chat Noir

Today we are painting beautiful black cats! So many famous artists have used black cats as their subjects and now you can make your own.

Coffee Filter Turkey

Colourful turkeys with coffee filter tails. Who knew?! Just in time for Thanksgiving.

Paper Family Quilt

Starting with your family block in the center, you’ll draw and paint memories around the outside of your own Family Quilt.

Fingerprint Wheat

Let’s paint with our fingers. At today’s class, you’ll be making a field of wheat using your fingertips.

Draw It, Squish It, Print It

IT’S PRINTMAKING DAY! How many prints and ghost prints can you make from your original? No need to stop at one or two, re-ink with all sorts of colours and print away!

Snipped Paper Tree

Minimaggers love to snip paper. Let’s make a paper tree trunk and fill it with snipped paper leaves! You can even add a bird or two.

How many turtles can you stack? Explore different textures while stacking them up.

Finally a cactus you can touch! Cardboard shapes fitted together make a prickly cactus.

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