February 1 to February 28, 2024

Pretend Foraging in Sleeved Blankets

Pretend Foraging in Sleeved Blankets presents 13 drawings and 8 mini quilts by the Lethbridge based artist Grace Wirzba.

This body of highly imaginative and colourful artwork draws from a long-term project the artist developed around a selection of objects from the Galt Museum and Archives collection. In a game of telestration with friends and strangers, Wirzba asked participants to create artistic responses to archival objects, which she in turn translated to new drawings and textiles of her own.

Through this process, the artist explores methods of storytelling and myth making that have taken place in the domestic setting over generations. Transforming historical objects once found inside the homes of prairie dwelling people, into whimsical re-interpretations on paper and fabrics, this quirky exhibition is like cozying up in a warm blanket to listen in on a fantastic tale.

Curated by Genevieve Farrell, Esplanade Art & Heritage Centre, TREX Southeast.

Pictured: Grace Wirzba, Ribena Shower, pencil crayon on bristol board, 2021, collection of the artist

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