Homes with Character

with Wendy Meeres

Join Wendy Meeres as she teaches you how to draw a character home in watercolour and ink.

Beatty Heritage House, Wendy Meeres

About Wendy Meeres

Wendy Meeres was born and raised in Red Deer, Alberta. Art has always played an important role in her life. Her work has focused on pottery, painting and lampwork glass beads.

Her pottery was primarily raku. She did thrown and sculptural works that sold in Western Canada. In 2011 she made a choice to move away from the pottery and focus on the painting and glass bead making. Her glass beads are colourful bits of glass that are then made into jewelry or sold as single beads. Her paintings are works in water-based media, she combines printmaking and image transfers of her own photographs. The paintings may be mixed media or watercolour.

Her current work is often inspired by her travels and the streets of Central Alberta. She has always been drawn the details of historical buildings wherever she goes. Newer structures lack the character and don’t seem to be built to last the test of time. Canada is such a new country that we need to preserve the historical buildings we have.

Wendy’s work is currently on display as part of the exhibit, Landmarks: A Sense of Place.

Three Perspectives: Painting Gaetz Lake Sanctuary

with Carol Lynn Gilchrist

Participants will complete a scene of Gaetz Lake Sanctuary. Carol Lynn will discuss how drawing/sketching for painting requires a simplification of the scene, understanding how the picture plane is divided into the background, middle and foreground.

Setting up the palette for success and colour mixing will be covered, as well as lots of tips. We will use a photograph throughout the process, and put into practice the three types of perspective: Linear, Atmospheric, and Solar. The pace of this workshop will be brisk, and so the drawing will be provided and traced to allow for more time painting.

Paintings can be completed in Acrylic or Oil. Canvas & reference sketch provided; painting supplies are not includedview the supply lists here. Some painting experience is required.

Register: Three Perspectives with Carol Lynn Gilchrist

This workshop was originally scheduled for February and has since been postponed. New workshop date is March 5, 2023.

About Carol Lynn Gilchrist – landscapes and cARTography

Carol Lynn was always drawing as a child, however her first interest was in architectural design and drafting and considers her formal training as her starting point on her artistic path. She’s been painting ‘en plein air’ for over 14 years, starting first in watercolour (self-taught) while on her summer vacations, and the last two years in oils. In 2010 she took a week long class with Joanna Moore (Edmonton artist) at RDC Series that focused on using watercolour in the ‘plein air style’. Retirement came in 2011 and she started painting full time. Plein air painting just felt like the right way to paint for her. Outdoors in nature, applying paint directly on the canvas/paper. Distilling the expansive scene into a few main shapes, simplifying and capturing the essence of the place and time. Being in the moment. To go out and paint is like having an adventure!

She continues to explore themes of land, water, and the impact of human development in her art practice, and often plays with emotion and the memory of place to convey her emotional attachment to the land.

Carol Lynn’s work is currently on display as part of the exhibit, Landmarks: A Sense of Place.

Wet Felting with Surface Textures

with Margaret Hall

This sculptural workshop will introduce you to surface texture on wet felted pieces. We will start with the creation of structurally sound flat felt using the wet felting technique. We will then move to learning 4 surface techniques: attaching silk paper motifs, using stitching to create surface texture, attaching felted pieces and using a resist.

All supplies are included with registration. This art sampler is suitable for all skill levels (beginners are welcome). For ages 16+.

Register: Wet Felting with Surface Textures with Margaret Hall

About Margaret R. Hall

Margaret has enjoyed exploring a variety of textile and fibre arts since she learned to knit as a child. Her more recent passions have been the sculptural properties of wool and enjoying the vast differences of fibre types from various sheep breeds and other fibre producing mammals.

Margaret has been felting for over 20 years and strives to improve her techniques through courses, collaboration and experimentation. She finds pleasure in combining her skills of felting with her other fibre arts skills. Her love of hats has recently taken her to complete a 2 year millinery course and add further to her repertoire.

By teaching and mentoring and collaborating with others she finds a renewed delight in all that is wool.

Medieval Chain Mail Weaving

with Jason Steppler

Join Jason Steppler of Waskasoo Metalworks and learn 2-3 chainmail techniques for creating a chain and weaving it together to make a necklace.

All supplies are included with registration. This art sampler is suitable for all skill levels (beginners are welcome). This workshop is available to ages 14+.

Register: Medieval Chain Mail Weaving with Jason Steppler

About Jason Steppler

Howdy! I am currently a student teacher through UofA/RDP working towards becoming the funnest middle school teacher you could ask for.

I started chainmail back in 2018. I have done international classes as well as some local classes for kids. What Inspired me to start this? It was my childhood dream to have my very own suit of armor, but I wanted to make it myself. So here I am!

Inspiring others to learn has always been a passion of mine, and I hope to pass that passion onto all those who learn from me.

Figure Drawing

with Saija Maureen & a live model

For our first MAGSampler of the Fall season, participants will be guided through some useful drawing techniques including composition, measuring, and sighting, all of which will then be applied while drawing a live model (fully clothed). This drawing class will offer short and sustained drawing poses.

All supplies are included with registration. This art sampler is suitable for all skill levels (beginners are welcome). For ages 16+.

Register: Figure Drawing with Saija Maureen

About Saija Maureen

Saija Maureen is a Red Deer Polytechnic alumni of the Visual Arts Diploma program, and an emerging local artist. She has been displaying her visual art and handmade jewelry at local events and music festivals since 2015, at events such as Red Deer’s Nuit Blanche, Astral Harvest Festival and Motion Notion Music Festival.

She is an avid lover of the natural world, focusing her painting and sculpting primarily on the theme of bones and plants. Saija is also an art and camp instructor at the Red Deer Museum & Art Gallery.

Join MAG Art Educator Christel Langan to explore the playful process of encaustics. Using melted beeswax and resin, you will create 1-2 small multi-media works.

All supplies are included with registration. For ages 16+.

Encaustic artwork - 2 birds, flowers; pink, purple, yellows

Register Now! Encaustic Collage

Kathryn Huedepohl from the Kerry Wood Nature Centre will teach you how to work with a votive mold to make your own beeswax candles, with locally sourced beeswax!

All supplies included. This workshop will take place at the Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery.

Can’t make it to the workshop? DIY Kits will be available to purchase at the Kerry Wood Nature Centre Gift Shop for 15+GST/kit – limited availability!

An example of some of the things you’ll find in the kit:

beeswax puck, 2 votive moulds, burlap pouch and info sheets

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